"Wildcat" was featured on the season ending episode of the Strombo Show, Sunday June 11, on CBC Radio 2. 

Check out the full episode at the link below.

Lee "Scratch" Perry visits the House of Strombo for a very rare, exclusive conversation that deeply reflects on his life, songs and legacy from Bob Marley to Kanye West to Beastie Boys and beyond. Special appearances from Allie and Death From Above's Jesse Keeler. 

Massey Hall Presents a l l i e at Yonge and Dundas Square

This past Monday I had the pleasure of playing with some rad ass dudes for my gig at Yonge and Dundas Square. 2nd Son, The Kount, and Rennie B. Williams aka the dream team-- we had minimal practice time and they killed it! It was so satisfying to do an hour long set (a first for me) and reinterpret the songs in a way that brought out all my jazzy roots that I haven't connected with in a while. The forecast was calling for rain but the sun gods came through to bless the stage and the crowd. When it ended I felt like we could have kept on for another hour. The vibe was so right. Now, back to finishing my album 💜

Photo Credit: @__boogs


a l l i e - "Move Like a Mystic" prod. (2nd Son & The Kount)

"This song came to me quick and easy, rose up in one fluid motion. Not all songs arrive that way. When it happens though, it's a blessing. That's when I'm doing my job of being an open channel and catching a flow. The message is simple: live deeply, break the chains, move freely. Move how you move when no ones watching. Move the way love makes you move. Move like a mystic ✨"
a l l i e